Happy birthday to my wonderful baby  who has showed me what love is. 
Happy birthday to the Cherie who stole Mr. Pink. The thing I love most about you, is that spark you have in your eye, that brightness in your smile, that kindness in your heart, that burns hotter than a fire, and strikes harder than lightning. Happy birthday my wifey.
Sending  countless kisses and hugs to decorate your Birthday!  

"Ristay to miltay ha muqader se... Bas unhay khubsoorti se nibana sikho."
A random message sparks it all.She had a Strong penchant for me And I Disliked her First only to end up being the one closest to her heart.Unique and incomparable she was.Gazing at her smile that charming, sparkling captivating smile.
I knew She had already kept me her prisoner with that charm. Being very cozy from the very first day with me as she was already living her So called American dream.
Being very charismatic With humble and gratitude,audacious Surely she was the something someone wish for. 
I am attracted to her kindness, Surely She has a heart of an angel.

  "Har subah wo savera bankay aa jate hain"
   (I love to wake Up to your messages)

we are sharing a special closeness which replenish the source of joy and uproot seclusion.
our inside jokes and bundle of memories.Our JEKYLL and HYDE.And she being fond of Mr.Pink.I love the way she reacts when I do the littlest things for her.
our kinky relation thriving through the distance, we always pick up where we left off.
Your whole life is ahead of you and you being blessed already seen almost half of the world and almost all the childish tv cartoon series And I know you are ambitious.
Keep chasing your dreams and Remember LOVE isn't enough, Be loyal too.

At the end of the day we want that person and we will return to the
ones who will respect us and love us unconditional,
Value the time we give and
Own up to their mistakes and
be real with us.
We're all imperfect, yet perfect in unique ways only which some would see.
The ones meant to see, will see it, and honor it.

Baby you are the cocoon in my arms surely to become a butterfly and fly away. Its beautiful to see
what one heart can do for another heart , it is that beauty that can't be matched with anything else.
I might not be able to touch you or hold you,
but I am here for you no matter what the weather will be.
"ham-nafs nah
  manga tha,

Tumsey bas
  paak qurbat
Ki tavaqqo
    ki the."

~This heart was never in search of intimate companion,
  When I thought of you.
  What it hoped from you my beloved
  Was Just That holy nearness. ~
"O'Bulleh Shah, Zeher waikh Ke Peeta te Ke peeta?
lshq Soch Ke keeta te ke keeta?
Dil de kar,
dil lain di aas rakhi?
Yar aihon jiya keeta, te Ke keeta."

~Oh Bulleh Shah, what's the point of drinking poison [agony of love],
after analyzing it first
What's the point of Love,
that is done after a thousand careful calculations?
lf you are bartering your heart, with expectation of beloved
to give your heart
What's the point of having such beloved anyways?~
can you imagine juhu without the ocean..can you imagine 100 years of cinema without Amitabh bachan..can you imagine India without Times of India..
like that I can't imagine puja without naughtiness.

Ar apka Pyar jo mere Liyaw ha Wo bi
ek Tarfa pyar bi relationship hota ha.

Happy Birthday LOVE <3
Age is just a number,no matter what age you are turning,I am glad to share your birthday.
you,LOVE,are so much more than forever,than promises of eternity.
loads Of love xxx and kisses xxx Cherie